Accidents during the transport of a piano

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Accidents during the transport of a piano

Accidents during the transport of a piano

The transport of a piano is a great challenge. Not only the ideal value of the instrument for you is great but also its volume and weight. Since it is also fragile, transport is a great challenge, no matter for whom.

Transport of a piano

The spatial conditions of the building or the road often make transport difficult, so that particularly qualified personnel and special vehicles may be required.

If all the above characteristics apply to your piano and its surroundings, please do not attempt to transport it alone.

A piano is the pride of its owner. The joy that the owner of such an instrument feels when playing and looking at it is incredible. This apllies to the owner of a large, expensive grand piano as it is usually found in large ballrooms or hotel lobbies. With such a high value one expects a professional and safe transport of the instrument.

Accidents with the piano

The transport of a piano is nerve-racking.

If the instrument is not properly secured in the truck, the centrifugal force acting on the piano may cause the vehicle to skid and cause the piano in the load compartment to tip over.

This happens if the instrument is not properly secured. Fortunately, such situations are very rare. In most cases, the pianos arrive safe and sound at their destination and their owners as well as their audiences can continue to enjoy them.

Transport a piano

If you want to transport your piano, our specialists are there for you. They will help you with the preparation and follow-up of the transport as well as the realization.

In order to get an idea of the spatial conditions as well as technical and personnel resources, we come to you in advance of the transport without obligation. It won´t cost you anything.


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