Furniture lift

You just realice the value of a furniture lift when you move

Do you need a furniture lift?

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With our fleet of vehicles we realize your move.

We prepare your entire move with transfer from any country to Alicante.

Store all your furniture and personal belongings in our depots in Alicante.

Furniture lifts and lifting platforms

We bring you to your destination.

With the help of our lifting platforms and furniture lifts we help you with any work at height.

The furniture lift travels along the outside wall of your building to transport various objects up or down:

  • Furniture
  • Home appliances
  • Plasterboard
  • Various glass works e.g. Windows
  • Joinery materials e.g. beams
  • Air conditioning
  • Pianos…
  • … and much more

You cannot imagine the loads that are moved by working with lifting platforms and furniture lifts.

These lifts are an essential tool for carpenters, glassmakers, glaziers: objects from the carpentry workshop, windows, glass, etc. can be transported quickly, comfortably and safely along the facade without causing any damage. This method of transport is also used in the building industry (construction cranes).

In the moving industry, working without these tools is unimaginable. Even in very narrow environments with little space, it is possible to work with lifting platforms and furniture lifts. Ask for the availability of our furniture lifts. We will find the right solution for you. There is no problem we won´t try to solve.

Furniture lifts for removals

Simply stack your removal goods in front of the elevator. We load and unload the furniture lift without great effort for you. By using a furniture lift the work of a move can be done more effeciently.

Great versatility and low costs

By using a lift you save time, money and energy. No matter whether it is the transport of glass, pianos, furniture or decorations, our qualified employees make the work process very safe.

Increase the quality of your work by using our service. You can offer your customer security, cleanliness and professionalism at a low price, as the probability of damage to the building or object is reduced

Service of our furniture lifts

No matter whether you only want to transport one object or as a company need our support for your work with a lift for the whole day, we are happy to help you. We need one day ahead to obtain municipal permits and / or the agreement of local residents. However, we also need the remaining day to take care of organizing the working hours of our employees.

Organization and work with a furniture lift

The use of furniture lifts makes it easier to work with materials such as decorations, building materials, glass, aluminium, furniture etc. Working with our lifts is simple, very practical and saves time, money and effort. An important feature of the lifts is that the vehicles are very light, which makes the work fast and economical.

If you would like to rent a furniture lift from us, please let us know the starting time and the approximate time to finish your work. It is not always easy to plan your working hours exactly in advance. Our staff member responsible for planning will help you with the organization. During the work, our loading and unloading personnel will take care of aligning the material in the direction it is to be transported. Our lift operator is solely responsible for its operation. The operation refers to the assembly, disassembly and handling of the furniture lift. After your work with our lift is finished, the time actually spent is invoiced. For this we need a time sheet filled out and signed by you, which is also signed by one of our employees on site, so that no mistakes can occur.

We have different types of furniture lifts that vary in size and traction force. Our lifts can transport up to 250 kg load at once.

Working process

Working with our furniture lift is very easy. First the vehicle is positioned directly under the area from where the objects are to be transported up or down. To ensure the stability of the lift, the ladder is extended to a window or door (in the outer facade of the building). It travels along the facade with rubberised wheels so that no damage is caused. The platform of the lift is approximately 1.4 m x 2.5 m.

The vehicle has a total width of 3.5 m and can stand on a parking lot, sidewalk or the roadway of a street. This requires municipal permits, which are obtained by us prior to the work.

Working with our furniture lifts is covered by liability insurance, so that any damage is initially covered:

  1. If damage is caused by an error during assembly or disassembly of the lift, we are liable. Our employee, who is responsible for the operation, is responsible for instructing the other employees in the loading and assembly of the lift properly.
  2. However, if damage is caused by the manipulation of our loading and unloading personnel, we do not accept any responsibility for this. The probability that this case occurs is almost 0%.
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