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Furniture storage in Alicante, Valencia and Madrid

Do you have trouble having not enough space? As a moving company we offer you the best solution for you at the best price. Maybe you are moving or renovating your house right now and you want to keep all your furniture and/or personal belongings temporarily in a safe place without worrying about anything else. We have the perfect solution to solve your lack of space. With us you have the possibility to rent a place in one of our furniture warehouses in Alicante, Valencia, Madrid or anywhere else in Spain. You won´t have anything to worry about. We make sure that all your furniture is brought to us in our furniture depot and transported back to your home by the time the contract expires.

Large and efficient warehouses

Our warehouses in Alicante, Valencia and Madrid together have 20,000 square metres and 5,000 cubic metres for the storage of your furniture and personal belongings. Your personal storage space is located at a specific place in our warehouse, so you can come by any time and check if everything is okay. We make sure that you as our customer have your own private place for your objects in our company.

Supervision of your furniture 24 hours / 7 days

Vigilancia 24 horas / 7 días Contamos con vigilancia y seguridad interna 24 horas. Para una mayor protección, tenemos colocadas cámaras de videovigilancia de alta resolución por todo el recinto conectadas a una central de alarmas para reaccionar rápidamente frente a cualquier amenaza.

Safety and fire extinguishing systems

With our entry and exit control system for people and vehicles we can guarantee the necessary safety for your furniture as well as work under the highest security. In addition, our security system has a fire extinguishing system to ensure that your goods won´t get damaged damaged by a possible fire.

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The Mobility Corporation cooperates with other international associations and corporations worldwide to gain the best possible professionalism for our clients.

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