The 9 mistakes you should not make when choosing a relocation company


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The 9 mistakes you should not make when choosing a relocation company

The 9 mistakes you should not make when choosing a relocation company

You want to move, but don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing the right moving company?

Your choice can mean the difference between an easy and stress-free move or a horrible day for everyone involved. Remember that you don’t just want to move objects, but that they also have very special memories to you. Therefore, it is important to think long and hard about your choice of a relocation company to avoid the usual mistakes.

So what are the biggest mistakes you can make?

We work very carefully so that these are not undermined when we take care of your move.

If you avoid the following 9 mistakes, your new house will become your new home in no time.

1 – Choosing a moving company too quickly

First take enough time to decide on the right removal company. You should not take the decision about who to entrust your property to lightly. Contact the company about 3 weeks before your desired moving date. The company should thoroughly analyze the situation and take any necessary precautions.

2 – Record the date of the move in writing in the contract

Once you have decided on a removal company, you determine the removal date together by having it as a part of the contract. You should contact your removal company 5 days before your move to check any changes. You should also always contact the carrier as soon as there has been a change.

Error # 3- Check whether the company belongs to an organisation

Membership of a moving association is a seal of quality for companies. If you choose a company with this accreditation, the accreditation means that it is represented by a national standard and is therefore reliable within these quality standards.

4 – Missing Data

Your carrier must know the location of the property to which the move is to be made. This is crucial for the carrier as it helps his team to better plan the move, from the access to the parking lot, to the size of furniture, to the size of the vehicle needed for the service. Look for companies that have a larger and more diverse fleet of vehicles in the region. This will help you avoid most possible inconveniences during the move.

5 – Requirements for packing your items

Please note in the offer possible increases for optional extras that were seen when the company was hired. This refers to the delivery of crates, professional packaging up to the short and long-term storage of your items. Do not assume that everything is included in the service. Ask for a complete estimate so that you can keep an eye on the possible costs of the additional services. It is best to negotiate such services as extra moving boxes at the beginning.

6 – Non uniformed employees

It may seem silly, but a uniform is a clear sign of professionalism. It shows that your carrier is convinced of the quality of his equipment, because any mistake would affect everything. The alternative is for a company to use staff from other agencies, who often do not have the same standards as full-time employees, so make sure you have these details like the uniform logos!

7 – Forgetting to check the insurance

Insurance cover is essential for every move, regardless of the capabilities of the moving company. Make sure that your belongings are insured, or ask the company for your transport insurance to verify that your belongings are covered. Otherwise, you may have to arrange it yourself.

8 –  Additional payments

Unfortunately, there have been cases where relocation companies have demanded additional payments during the move. This is extremely unprofessional and should not happen again once a contract with the price you agreed upon has been signed.

We strongly recommend that you check the terms and conditions of the selected company and review the offer thoroughly. This should show you all the services covered as part of your contract and check that nothing unexpected has been added. In this way, no hidden costs should be waiting for you.

9 – Cash payment of the service

When paying in cash, do not forget to ask for proof of payment of the invoice. Cash payments are normal but payments by credit card or bank transfer may also be applicable.

You should not only think about the method of payment, but also about how you can protect yourself with the proof of payment. Your moving company is obliged to document the service and the corresponding payment by means of a legal proof of activity with the guarantee that it is not vulnerable to claims.

You want to experience a successful moving day. Do not make the mistake of getting involved with unreliable moving companies.

While looking for a suitable moving company, you should focus on years of experience. These companies ensure that the process of moving is as efficient as possible. Your removal goods are in safe hands.
Avoid mistakes during the preparation of a cost estimate that can lead to problems later on, such as haste, no verification of the reservation, no affiliation to an organization, no verification of security data, no consideration of packing your belongings, no verification of uniformed employees, no verification of insurance, possible additional payments and settlement with cash without proof of activity.

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